Meet Alexander Bohlen

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*Currently located in Folsom, CA

I have always been chasing the right light and angles from day one. As an outdoor enthusiast and an avid backpacker, I learned to appreciate the colors that spark interest, yet let the mind relax.

I’ve grown up all over California and have traveled to various locations, both breathtaking and inspiring. From my hometown of San Jose all the way to my current location of Cameron Park, CA, I picked up on my craft through my own self teachings. From playing a multitude of sports, I  understand movement and how people flow in certain environments. From under the football field stadium lights, to a studio environment, I have seized every opportunity to capture these fluid movements in sports and other events. 

Since I have been taking photos, I have had my work published on college athletic and news websites along with print media such as Cal Poly Magazine and a University book. As a Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies graduate, I see photography in a technical and creative light, which makes my images uncommon and individual. Blending my unique take on photography with your energy, I will work to transform your once in a lifetime experiences into lasting memories that you can always relish in.