A busy weekend. Much homework. Anxious, but not to get the homework done, but to work with a freshman soccer player to create dynamic images. The excitement was real the moment I started packing all my gear up. Unlike most professionals, being busy all the time as a college student and finding the opportunities to connect and implement a sports photo shoot is exhilarating. Beats GE homework any day. 

I am always lucky to be prepared with the right equipment (if not, MacGyver it). But I am even more lucky to have a best bud and assistant help out. Yes, if you haven't noticed already, this is a shoutout to the necessary help for photo shoots like this one.

Back to the subject, as the light slowly faded, the planned shots we worked out earlier were starting to look more and more dramatic. Halfway through, I got the shot I wanted. But why stop there. Now the fun part. How I got that one image I really loved was daunting to say the least. I decided to lay in front of the goalie as he kicked the ball as hard as he could. As you can see from the photo, the ball doesn't look that close, but many a time, the ball would wiz over my head and turf pellets would pelt my face. All for the image right? Absolutely.

That is how I love to end a day. Adrenaline pumping, a great image captured, and walking back to my dorm with perfect California weather.

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