Day 2: Woke up at the rest stop and finally was able to see where I camped for the night. It was a large basin. It was amazing beyond all belief. I went and sat on the middle of the highway for a couple of minutes since there were literally no cars in sight for at least 2 miles in either direction. My excitement for photography on my journey began at that moment. I then drove on past many other cool quiet little towns on my way to Great Basin National Park.

Pictures on the road to Great Basin National Park. 

Not knowing what to expect, I honestly was slightly disappointed when I approached the outskirts of Great Basin. I drove around the border of the whole park in order to get to the entrance and it seemed like a small park that might not have anything cool besides amazing campsites. I was very wrong but still slightly disappointed. The scenery stands out in stark contrast to the landscape around the park, but the disappointing part was the amount of snow that was still on the peak that limited my exploring to a certain altitude. As soon as I hit up the visitors center, I booked myself for a cave tour. A cave tour you might ask? Yes! There was an awesome cave filled with stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, popcorn, and some rare shield formations. But first, I drove around the park all the way to take a time-lapse of Wheeler Peak with its glistening white snow and building storm clouds. The cave tour was next, followed by relaxing at my campsite.

My dad was nice enough to loan me his 2-person tent, but upon opening it for the first time, I realized the waterproof rain cover was deteriorating. Along with the intense wind, I gave up on my tent construction and decided to sleep in my adventure wagon instead. Dinner consisted of an MRE because I had no fuel for my stove, but my evening meal was relaxing by watching the sunset over Wheeler Peak while lounging in my hammock. The hammock was somewhat relaxing until the wind picked up and the temperature dropped quickly. That night was a cold one. I was wrapped up in my sleeping bag and blankets in my car that night.

Images of myself in nature. Had to get myself in some images. 

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