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Image on left was taken just after driving out of Great Basin National Park. On the right is of a herd of sheep along with its trusty sheep dog. 

Day 3: Woke up early to try to catch sunrise from higher up to catch the rays hitting the valley. My efforts were futile because I did not account for difference in time between SLO and way out in Nevada. Sunrise time was off by 20 minutes. The drive out from GBNP was absolutely beautiful. The road to the next destination was filled with large valley basins on the way to Zion National Park.

Both images are of Kolab Canyon which is to the North West of the main valley and entrance. 

Small towns were scattered on the road to Cedar City, UT, which brought back memories from my 2015 solo road trip. One of my side stops was to grab fuel for my stove, but apparently, Cedar City does not have any outdoor stores that have the correct IsoButane fuel. Bummer in the summer. The highway soon pointed me in the right direction towards the main entrance but I was severely distracted and went to explore the Kolab Canyon, which is part of Zion but not part of the main valley. After a short drive and hike, I made my way toward the entrance where tourists flocked in a very "popular National Park" town at the outskirts of Zion Canyon.

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Map of where I stayed versus the entrance and the Zion canyon. 

I was able to plan my next day at the visitors center and found a cheap way to sleep, BLM scattered campsites. About 20 minutes out from the entrance was a road that leads into Zion but it was more harsh canyon area. On the side of the road about a mile in were free scattered campsite areas. These campsites are just land where people can camp for the night, but the only downside is no facilities. No luxuries were perfectly fine for me because I was setup to function without them. With the knowledge about the BLM land and scattered campsites, it opened a whole 'nother can of worms.