2016 Road Trip Out Day 4 - Alexander Bohlen Photography

Day 4: Woke up early and rushed over to get situated in the parking lot by the Zion Visitor Center. Breakfast, teeth brushed, shoes tied, I then made my way over to board the bus to my main destination that morning, Angel’s Landing. Since planning my journey, I was looking forward to this hike. As the days passed until I actually stood at the trail head, I was doubting myself. Am I out-of-shape? Did I drink enough water the day before? Do I have enough energy in me to make it? The moment came. I went forward with my plan.

Photos of the hike up to Angel's Landing. 

Starting up the path and making my way up Walter’s Wiggles, I was taking a lot of breaks to grasp air. I was not going to give up. Finally at the top of the trail, I was now level with the large rock with dangerously narrow pathways. The true test began. No turning back. Thoughts switched between where to place my feet, will my shoes grip good enough, and where to grip my hands to not fall thousands of feet to the rocky floor below. After a few camera and water breaks, I ended up at the top. What a view and an accomplishment! I spent some time enjoying the view and finding some tourists who knew how to use my camera to take a photo of me. You always have to get a picture that you were actually on top of Angel’s Landing.

Some of the images from the top of the rock and the start of the journey down. 

The climb down was even more interesting. Lots of traffic at the time of descent because obviously, the best time to go hiking is when it is the most hot and sunny out. I am amazed at what some people were wearing/bringing up on the climb. After reaching the bottom, a celebration nod, and a large gulp of water, I retreated to my car to have lunch and take a break.

Quite the engineering feat with Walter's Wiggles(far left). Many tourists hiking in the heat on the way up(far right). 

As the sun got lower and lower, and an hour of napping, I ventured out again into the valley to explore the other wonders of Zion. My exploration of the valley led me to hike up to the Emerald Pools and Weeping Rock. At that point, I was extremely exhausted. I then went back to the hidden BLM campsite for the night.

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