2016 Road Trip Out Day 6 - Alexander Bohlen Photography

Day 6. The sound of an alarm was very loud at 5am in a car. Crawling out of my sleeping bag and getting my shoes on, I raced over to Bryce Point. The drive seemed like an eternity and when I got there, I realized that the main viewpoint was closed for construction. I grabbed a few photos, and then ran back to my vehicle to race over to Inspiration Point, which was more north than Bryce Point. I managed to find a spot to set up my tripod to get a good shot. With all the stumbling and fumbling of getting my camera gear setup, I missed a few precious minutes of photo opportunity. The sun was already starting to peak over the horizon when I managed to start snapping photos. Using ND grad filters, I captured some photos that looked amazing despite the lack of perfect cloud placement. At least I thought the images looked good, mainly because the sights are incredible already.

The next hour or so, I spent my time taking photos then heading over to Sunrise point to hike down into the canyon for some lower perspective photos. It was already starting to get hot, and I was losing time for travel to my other destinations for the day, so I called off my photo pursuit at Bryce for the day, then went and got myself a shower for the first time during my travels.

Feeling fresh and energized, I began my drive from Bryce on the Scenic Bypass up to Capital Reef National Park. My time at CRNP was short, but the rock formations were amazing! I wish I had more time to spend driving around the large loop to see all the colors and shapes of the rocks. I was forced to end my exploration early and drive quickly on over to Arches National Park to capture the sunset. The drive and timing was not in my favor as I arrived after the sunset, and also not in a favorable location. But, I still was able to make the most out of it. Pulled away with some sweet long exposure images of cars driving through Arches as the sun set.

Images from Capital Reef National Park and the drive to Arches. Night shot is at Arches National Park. 

After all light retired for the night, I drove out of the park in search of a place to stay for the night. This proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought with it being the peak season for vacations. My sleeping spot from the previous summer was completely full, so I was forced to drive down south from Moab to a trucker rest stop. It was nice, but was 25 mins out from Arches. Bummer.

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