Splish Splash Photoshoot - Alexander Bohlen Photography

"All good photoshoots start with the photographer injuring themselves.....

Thankfully they don't end with the photographer falling in the pool." - Ian Billings

That is how the photoshoot can be summed up. After I arrived to assist with light and behind the scenes pictures, Ian had to use his parkour moves to make his entrance. Once on set, myself and Joseph Pack, another photographer, helped set up and maneuver lights to get the look that Ian wanted. 

The main subjects that we were taking pictures of were two swimmers from the Cal Poly Swim and Dive team, Mickey Mackle and Mackey Hopen. It was such a pleasure to work with them because of their willingness to stand in the cold air being splashed with warm and cold water. They even stepped in to help so I was able to stay dry and take the pictures you are viewing currently. 

If you notice, the water is being thrown slightly toward the camera, so.. when I was throwing water, I was getting soaked. 

If you are still reading, you are noticing that it took a lot to put this photoshoot together, and it did. Now for the technical details (See below). The look that Ian was going for, called for two sidelights that  backlighted and side lighted the swimmers and froze the water in the picture. With a umbrella reflector, the front of the swimmer was lit up to expose more details. 

Lighting Diagram

Now this took a lot of water thrown and strobes being fired to get the image that Ian wanted. The view that I was seeing is below. At one point in the photoshoot, Ian lay down in the puddle of water to get a picture. Now that is what I call being engaged in your work. 

Finally, after two hours of shooting, and much more in post processing, Ian's final image came out to be the one below. 

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