Photo ordering process

PLEASE READ FOR ORDERING PHOTOS. PHOTOS ARE READY TO ORDER CURRENTLY. There is a process so that I can edit your photos individually.

Hello there! Thanks for visiting and entrusting me with your photo memories. 

This is the page for ordering 6th Man Basketball photos. 

The way this ordering process works is:

1. Go to the first Selection Gallery below to find your son/daughter and the images you want to be edited for purchase. Note the image numbers. You can have your son/daughter on a white background, a custom background, or have both. 

2. NEXT. Go to the Order Form to let me know what photos you want edited for purchase. I will be notified of the response and you will receive a notification of what you chose. 

3. NEXT. I will begin editing the photos you selected and will notify you when they are done. 

4. Finished photos will appear in the Images Ready for Print gallery. Find your images, and you will be able to purchase them in various sizes and on different materials. The team photos are both in the Images Ready for Print and Team Photos to Order gallery for your convenience. 

Thank you for your business! Enjoy your images!

1. Selection Link

how to choose. 

Selection Gallery

2. Order Form

3. Images ready for Print

Team Photos to Order